What are warts, anyway?

What are warts exactly and are they a danger to my health? Let's start by looking at some basic definitions of warts. They are generally harmless bumps on the skin that are caused by a virus called the “human papillomavirus”. The virus stimulates keratin generation in the top layer of your skin which causes the bump. Warts can take many forms but usually they have a rough (and tough) texture. They aren't pretty, I think everyone can agree on that. No wonder hundreds of millions of dollars are spend each year on wart removal. Many of these are probably not worth your money because they don't deliver what they promise. It isn't easy going through all the products that are being advertised. Warts usually disappear on their own, though how long this takes really depends on your personal situation. Some warts in places that encounter a lot of friction (for example your toes/feet) will take longer to heal - and usually they require treatment.

As you may have noticed on our other pages we keep warning people NOT to damage the warts they have on their body. This is because warts are highly contagious, which means that if you open up the wart the infection will spread freely. If you want to get rid of your wart then buy some good treatment products or go see your doctor, but don't go experimenting yourself - this will result in misery 9 out of 10 times.

Warts grow in the epidermis (the top layer of your skin), they do not have long roots (or roots at all for that matter). There are many types of warts that you can get. Some are large and come in small numbers, others are small and spread quickly.

The most common place to find a wart are the hands, feet and face. Are you curious about what kind of procedure your doctor will employ to remove your wart(s)? He/she will most likely freeze the wart and then put a bandage around it. After some time it will fall off by itself! Another technique is some times used which involves burning the wart with special equipment.Your doctor has performed many wart removal procedures, so he/she will be your best bet. However, there are plenty of products available that could help you get rid of those awful warts without going to your doctor - it does take time to find that effective product you need, however. Do ensure that the bump you want to get removed is actually a wart.