Warts On Hands Treatment

99.9% of humanity will probably answer a convincing “YES” to the question : “Would you like to get rid of your warts on hands?” Warts are nasty things where ever they decide to position themselves on your body. But the hands are perhaps one of the worst positions because your hands are constantly in contact with the outside world. And you obviously need to keep in mind that spreading the wart infection is a possibility if you don't take the proper precautions. This is frustrating and puts pressure on yourself to get rid of them. And there are definitely ways to solve your warts problem. Many different solutions actually... which might make it hard to decide which method to try. Generally it is wise to first consult your doctor and ask him/her whether you can remove the warts yourself. Your doctor can remove them by freezing the warts and then putting a bandage on them. After some time the warts will fall off because the skin cells beneath the wart(s) that died due to the cold temperatures will simply be unable to keep themselves attached to your other skin cells.

A well known home remedy for warts on hands treatment is apple vinegar. You can buy the apple vinegar in most grocery shops. Make sure you get the biological version, which includes much more efficient ingredients. Also get yourself some cotton balls. Dip a cotton ball in apple vinegar and wait till it has absorbed the vinegar. Now put the cotton ball on your wart and let it sit there for some time. Doing this twice a day should show some results after a week or less. The apple vinegar will “burn” into the wart and small bits of wart will fall off.

Garlic is perhaps the easiest method because it is widely available and cheap. You have probably read about the healing properties of garlic before. It's also an excellent way to remove warts. Just like apple vinegar it will burn into the wart. You need some garlic and a blender to make it almost completely liquid. Apply some of the garlic on your wart and then put a bandage on it. Do this daily and you should see some pleasant results after a week or two.

Important note : Before trying any of the warts on hands treatments above you must MAKE SURE that you are dealing with a wart. Also if it is damaged it's strongly advised to contact your doctor to have it professionally removed.