The Flat Warts


While adults can also be affected by the flat wart, this type of wart you see mostly in children and young adults.
Because it usually affects younger people it is also called a “juvenile wart”. Flat warts are, in general, smoother
than other types of warts. There is usually a group of flat warts, instead of single warts that are some times seen
with other types of warts. It is not uncommon to see a group of 50 or so flat warts together. Flat warts can be found
on several parts of the body such as the face, hands and legs.


Like several other types of warts, the flat warts can disappear all by themselves. Keeping your skin clean and dirt
free can help in the healing process. It is VERY important that you do not scratch open the warts, this will only have
a negative effect on the healing process. If the warts on your body aren't causing you any trouble it could be wise to
leave them as they are, though if for cosmetic reasons or other medical reasons you wish to get rid of them, then
contact your doctor for an appointment. Flat warts can take from several months to several years to disappear
without treatment, if they disappear at all on their own.


HPV (Human papillomavirus) is responsible for the warts. So far 130 types of HPV have been discovered, including
many types of wart. The flat wart is not caused by sexual intercourse. HPV grows and expands in dirty areas
(even if invisible to the human eye), such as bathroom floors and places which are used by multiple people.
It is always advised to not walk on bare feet while visiting public swimming pools. How the virus enters your
body is usually unnoticeable. Even the smallest of scratches are a way for HPV to infect your skin, so the more
reason to keep some material between your body and places in which the virus loves to develop. Transmission
from one part of the body to another is also possible. Shaving damages the skin and leaves it with less efficient
defences. By damaging the wart and then touching other parts of the skin is a great way to transmit the virus,
so make sure you don't!